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    Colorful Diwali Wishes Share Via Whatsapp and Facebook

    First of all, I wish you a "Happy Diwali - 2017".Diwali is one of the biggest festival in India. This blog is specially dedicated to Deepavali Festival.Here we providing a special types of diwali wishes in all languages like tamil, hindi, english, kannada and telugu. We can generate your name in giver textbox and share it to your friends.
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    Live Bitcoin Price - All countries

    Bitcoin is one of the famous digital crypto currency which is used by million of people across all countries. It was first developed by software developer called Satoshi Nakamoto. Bitcoin mainly used for online transactions. Here i developed the live bitcoin rates using php script,
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    Advanced Social Oauth Login

    Advance social login with powerful dashboard. Nowadays people are appeared to fill the registration form boring. This script makes user to logged in to your site with single click and get the user data form any of our social networking sites like facebook, google, linkedin, twitter,github, microsoft which are trending in these days, this will consume users time
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    Product Refine Search Using PHP MYSQL

    Hi friends In this tutorial we will see how to search product using ajax php mysql. I created this product filter similar to amazon, flipkart, paytm. The refining category includes brands, size and color. The output will display according to the search category that you have selected.
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    Simple File Manager Using Php Mysql

    Today we are going to learn how to upload and download files using php, mysql. While uploading a file to server we need to create a html form with enctype attributes in the form specifies which content-type to use when submitting the form. "multipart/form-data" is used when a form requires binary data, like the contents of a file, to be uploaded. The type="file" attribute of the input tag specifies that the input should be processed as a file. For example, when viewed in a browser, there will be a browse-button next to the input field. The important note for the user is allow only trusted users to upload a file because they may cause severe risk.

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