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    Personalized Map Navigation

    It is a mobile responsive tool to Point and save your location to get the destination faster. You can add multiple places by point the location with various fields such as place name, contact person name and emai whereas state,city are automatically generated while selecting the location in map
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    Remjs solves the problem of mobile terminal adaptation

    Nowadays, mobile devices have a variety of screen sizes, such as the iPhone SE to iPhone Plus, Android devices, and more. For user experience, we have to adapt to different screens. In mobile page production, we will generally replace the unit px with rem, and then through media queries, js calculations, etc., modify the size of the html font size, so as to modify the overall page size, hit the fitting effect.
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    Colorful Diwali Wishes Share Via Whatsapp and Facebook

    First of all, I wish you a "Happy Diwali - 2017".Diwali is one of the biggest festival in India. This blog is specially dedicated to Deepavali Festival.Here we providing a special types of diwali wishes in all languages like tamil, hindi, english, kannada and telugu. We can generate your name in giver textbox and share it to your friends.
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    Responsive Live Weather App Using Open Weather Api and JQuery

    In this tutorial we are going to see how to createa responsive weather widget using jQuery and open weather api. It is a simple light weight jQuery plugin used to display the current weather of any city and country using open-weather-api. It provides a accurate result of weather This application is compatible with any browsers and 100% responsive
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    Multistep Javascript validation Form With SemanticUI

    In this tutorial, We will explain how to create multi step form based on Semantic UI, HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery. It will be useful for all type of application like admin panel, CRM, CMS etc. It is light weight and compatible with all browsers and devices. The next and back button in the wizards helps you to navigate between the contents.

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Personalized Map Navigation

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