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    Remjs solves the problem of mobile terminal adaptation

    Nowadays, mobile devices have a variety of screen sizes, such as the iPhone SE to iPhone Plus, Android devices, and more. For user experience, we have to adapt to different screens. In mobile page production, we will generally replace the unit px with rem, and then through media queries, js calculations, etc., modify the size of the html font size, so as to modify the overall page size, hit the fitting effect.
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    Picture centered vertically

    In some cases, we need to center the image vertically in the div, but the CSS is only horizontally centered and the img properties are not vertically centered. How can we solve this problem?In the table, pictures, checkboxes and other elements can be centered horizontally and vertically. What if I don't use a table? Then use div to simulate the table.
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    Responsive Live Weather App Using Open Weather Api and JQuery

    In this tutorial we are going to see how to createa responsive weather widget using jQuery and open weather api. It is a simple light weight jQuery plugin used to display the current weather of any city and country using open-weather-api. It provides a accurate result of weather This application is compatible with any browsers and 100% responsive
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    Light On Off with toggle smooth switch using JQuery CSS

    Adding toggle is an one of the easy way to use jQuery plugin that adds toggle in a seconds to any websites. Nowadays toggle are very customizable and available with multiple skins. Here I can enhance the light switch on off with smooth toggle using jQuery. Live demo will show you the implementation of flip switch.
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    Gmail Style Clone Login Page and Validation Using PHP, Jquery, Ajax and Bootstrap

    Hi friends in this tutorial I show how to create a gmail like login style and validation using php ajax and jquery. Gmail is one of the best and top most email service provider in the world. Almost allover the world every internet users must have the Gmail as their services. For creating and styling the gmail style login page I used HTML, CSS and Bootstrap.

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