Personalized Map Navigation

It is a mobile responsive tool to Point and save your location to get the destination faster. You can add multiple places by point the location with various fields such as place name, contact person name and email whereas state,city are automatically generated while selecting the location in map. This tool helps to find the nearest places by searching and selecting the particular place within miles. It also provide the route way navigation between source and destination. On the settings page you can change admin name, username, password, Site name, map icon, map default zoom etc.

personalized map navigation


  • 1. Point and save your location
  • 2. Get destination faster
  • 3. Global and regional online map
  • 4. Perfect tool to create navigation
  • 5. Get the distance between soutrce and destination
  • 6. Find the duration between the source and destination
  • 7. Route way navigation(Left, Right, etc)
  • 8. Find location within miles


Dashboard map navigation

By posted on - 19th Jun 2018

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Personalized Map Navigation

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