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Bitcoin is one of the famous digital crypto currency which is used by million of people across all countries. It was first developed by software developer called Satoshi Nakamoto. Bitcoin mainly used for online transactions. Here i developed the live bitcoin rates using php script, bootstrap and api to keep tracking of bitcoin prices in real time. It is easily customizable via configuration file.

Bitcoin live rates

API Information

This Real time Bitcoin price built using in built api. To ease using of api, kindly read our post explanation clearly.
  • api/v1/rates? – Which will give you all the current rates
  • api/v1/rates/{currency} – Which will give you the current rates for that currency (ex: api/v1/rates/usd)
  • a api/v1/calculate/{amount}/{currency} – Which will give you the current rate for x amount of bitcoins (ex: api/v1/calculate/2/usd)


  • 1. Include 150+ live country currencies
  • 2. API Update every 30 seconds
  • 3. Customizable currency calculator and currency
  • 4. Customizable currency in header
  • 5. Individual Currency pages
  • 6. Simple and Powerful
  • 7. FUlly Responsive
  • 8. Easy to use
  • 9. Easily configure your Google Analytics
  • 10. Configurable title and description

Pricing Details

The cost of this project is $10. We do accept your payment using Paypal. My username is thirumaniraj10@gmail.com. Once payment is successful, you will you will get bitcoin_prices.zip file from hackandphp@gmail.com within 24 hours. If you have any further queries then you can contact on this mail id.

By posted on - 15th Sep 2017

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