• 07
    Secure Login and Registeration Sytem Using PHP, PDO and Mysql

    Nowadays more hacking stories are coming in the news. We need to provide a best way of security to our websites. Suppose your websites has a user access, we need to focus mainly on security sides. Many of the users datas has been cracked and compromised by the hackers. In order to avoid that dangerous scenarios we must encrypt the user password before store in our database.
  • 03
    Simple Sudoku Web Application Using PHP

    Hi friends today in this tutorial we showing how to create sudoku using php. Sudoku is one of the most popular puzzle game all time. Most of them showing their talent by solving the puzzle in a limited number of time. If we take sudoku, there will be different types of ratings like 1 to 5 stars, 1 star indicates it was easy, 2 star indicates it was standard, 3 star indicates hard, 4 star indicates expert and 5 star indicates extreme and challenging one.
  • 09
    Export data in excel files with images using PHP Excel Library

    Today in this tutorial, We explain about how to export a excel files with images using php excel library. PHP excel provides a well file manipulations. We will see how to use a PHPExcel library to provide an “Export to Excel” function in a web app so that the user can export the data into an Excel 2007/2013 file for further analysis.
  • 07
    Pattern style login system using PHP Mysql jQuery

    Many of the junior programmer asked me to create a pattern style lock login system using php. Here i tried the code using php mysql, jquery. It is targeted at mobile web applications where drawing a pattern on the touchscreen is far easier than typing in a password. I hope every one love this demo. You have integrate in any of your website. To prevent from bots , if username and password is wrongly attempted 3 times successive, it will allowed to wait for 30 seconds.
  • 25
    Creating a folder wise tree view structure with jquery php

    Implementing a folder tree view of your folders, sub-folders and files that display in an explorer like interface on a web page requires little programming, but it’s not that tough. Though there are complex plugin solutions to create folder tree view, this is an attempt to implement a folder tree with PHP and jQuery to create an AJAX file browser with few lines of code and without using any plugins.

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