Pattern style login system using PHP Mysql jQuery

Many of the junior programmer asked me to create a pattern style lock login system using php. Here i tried the code using php mysql, jquery. It is targeted at mobile web applications where drawing a pattern on the touchscreen is far easier than typing in a password. I hope every one love this demo. You have integrate in any of your website. To prevent from bots , if username and password is wrongly attempted 3 times successive, it will allowed to wait for 30 seconds. You can create a registration form along with this script so that multiple user can able to login. The design is completely responsive. I developed the code with two type of patterns 1. Show pattern, it make the user to view the pattern how the pattern are connecting. 2. Hide pattern, it prevents from the unknown user showing pattern to them.

Login Page:

Pattern style login system php -  Hackandphp

Registeration Page:

Pattern style login system php -  Hackandphp


  • 1.Make database connection setting in config.php file
  • 2. Create database using phpmyadmin or whatever way you like
  • 3.Import patternlock.sql file into database.

Now you are ready to start register and login.

  • 1.Enter the fields and make pattern to register
  • 2.Now can you can login using the credential.


The Script is only for the paid user. Only 7 dollars. For details of purchasing the script, Kindly contact hackandphp@gmail.com

By posted on - 7th Oct 2016

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