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    Jquery nice notify notification messages

    JQuery nice notify is a jQuery plugin that displays the various kinds of notification like warning messages, error messages, success messages, alert messages. Nice notify is a simple and flexible notification plugin with the minimum required functionalities. It is fast and easy to display the notification on your website.
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    Jquery Countdown timer free scripts for web developers

    Nowadays the countdown timer is used in many websites and applications for some incoming events, holidays in real life such as christmas, new year, opening date, expiration of product in shopping cart, coupon code expiration etc . The jQuery countdown is a very attractive and useful application which is used in various fields.
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    On page scroll Down load data dynamically using php jquery ajax

    Learn here to load data from database and display in the website dynamically. When I say dynamically, it means that there is no need to reload the page every time you try to access data from the database. This would be nice, since it will take lesser time for the user to actually see the results of his query.

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