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JQuery nice notify is a jQuery plugin that displays the various kinds of notification like warning messages, error messages, success messages, alert messages. Nice notify is a simple and flexible notification plugin with the minimum required functionalities. It is fast and easy to display the notification on your website.

The files include in nice notify are jQuery.nice.css and jQuery.nice.js. Nowadays native web technology definitely permits to build such notification widgets, the increasingly popular jQuery library is what many webmasters and developers keep coming back to. It’s an effective way of using technology built for the web to allow you to manipulate your website in the way you want to. Nice notify is the simple packaged jquery notification library that helps you quickly to build notification message based on the available function.

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  $.HP({ title: "HP", message: "Welcome to this Page!" });
  $.HP.error({ message: "Error in page loading!" });
  $.HP.notice({ message: "Kindly try again later!" });
  $.HP.warning({ message: "You page is at risk.." });

By posted on - 27th Feb 2016

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