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    Simple Ajax Polling System With PHP, Mysql, jQuery, Ajax

    This is one of the simple and flexible free ajax PHP polling script. Simple polling script made by ajax, jQuery, PHP, Mysql, bootstrap. You can display the polls and result on the same page for every votes you can view the answer on the same page. You can skip by answering the next poll by clicking next question.
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    Advance Pagination With PHP

    In this tutorial we will learn how to create a advance pagination with php ajax. In this I have used bootstrap3 and PHP5. Pagination using ajax is normally used by many developers, to show the data without page refresh.
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    Address Book With Bootstrap and jQuery

    Hi today let us learn about some interesting of about how to create address book using bootstrap and jquery. We have already learn many tutorial about bootstrap like Gmail style login, Responsive Date range filtering, Bootstrap pretty cool and awesome modal etc.
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    Bootstrap Responsive Date range Filtering Using PHP Ajax Mysql

    Adding up a date through input elements in forms can be cumbersome if you do not use a date picker. There are some plugins for jQuery and Bootstrap that make this process easy and simple – yet implementing a powerful and advanced tool. The tool described below is called “Date Range Picker for Bootstrap” and is ready to go with a very simple implementation.
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    Bootstrap Responsive Date Pagination with PHP Mysql

    Hi guys, today let us see something interesting of date pagination using php mysql bootstrap. Pagination is normally dividing the whole content into separate page. When the records exceed 1000 rows every programmer should paginate the record with query. This will prevent the data overloaded and help to browse the large amount of data easier.

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