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    Bootstrap Responsive Date range Filtering Using PHP Ajax Mysql

    Adding up a date through input elements in forms can be cumbersome if you do not use a date picker. There are some plugins for jQuery and Bootstrap that make this process easy and simple – yet implementing a powerful and advanced tool. The tool described below is called “Date Range Picker for Bootstrap” and is ready to go with a very simple implementation.
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    Display currency in indian numbering format using php

    Hi in this post i am showing you how to convert the number in Indian money format with PHP. Whenever we using the currency in our PHP application, the formatting of currency is very important. The following example will show you how to format the currency.
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    Removing special characters with PHP using iconv

    When we dealing with the user data may be from any of the website or from csv or excel style sheet some non utf-8 special characters will get added up with normal characters. To handle this situation PHP has a inbuilt function which we called as iconv.
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    Bootstrap Responsive Date Pagination with PHP Mysql

    Hi guys, today let us see something interesting of date pagination using php mysql bootstrap. Pagination is normally dividing the whole content into separate page. When the records exceed 1000 rows every programmer should paginate the record with query. This will prevent the data overloaded and help to browse the large amount of data easier.
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    PHP Database Class PDO

    PHP database class is to facilitate PHP/MYSQL development. It propose convenient methods and easy way to access the database by reducing your code and reducing your time to write code in a lengthy manner. It makes the programmer to handle CRUD(Create Read Update Delete) operations very easily.
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    Secure Password Encryption with Password Hash In PHP

    Hi friends in this post we going to discuss about the best and probably the secured way to encrypt the password in php. Now a days encryption of password is done from simple login form to create a big ecommerce website. Normally we used many encryption technique to encrypt the password. Some of is SHA and MD5. There will be lot question willl come to programmers mind while encrpting the password.
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    Light On Off with toggle smooth switch using JQuery CSS

    Adding toggle is an one of the easy way to use jQuery plugin that adds toggle in a seconds to any websites. Nowadays toggle are very customizable and available with multiple skins. Here I can enhance the light switch on off with smooth toggle using jQuery. Live demo will show you the implementation of flip switch.
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    Gmail Style Clone Login Page and Validation Using PHP, Jquery, Ajax and Bootstrap

    Hi friends in this tutorial I show how to create a gmail like login style and validation using php ajax and jquery. Gmail is one of the best and top most email service provider in the world. Almost allover the world every internet users must have the Gmail as their services. For creating and styling the gmail style login page I used HTML, CSS and Bootstrap.

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