Wow notify Jquery Notification Plugin

Hi friend in this tutorial we going to see about the wow notify jquery notification. Jquery wow notify is simple and light weight customizable jquery notification plugin. The total size of the plugin is less than 4kb. Notification is used on almost every websites that notifies the end-user regarding any messages whether that me an warning or an error or an success message. This wow notify plugin is useful for almost all developers, you can easily integrate these plugin in your own web  project and delivers a better experience from the visitor.

jquery notification plugin


  • 1. Type : Default, Error, Success
  • 2. Customize the heading
  • 3. Customize the message
  • 4. Customize the text color
  • 5. Customize width and height
  • 6. Cutomize the timing of fade out
  • 7. On mouse over keep it visible and mouse out will fade out

Files Includes:

  • « index.html
  • « style.css
  • « jquery.wow.notify.js
  • « main.js


$('#customize').on('click', function () {
	   type: 'success',
            header: 'wow',
            message: 'You got an mail?',
            color: 'yellow',
            background: '#FFCC00',
            width: 100,
            height: 200,
            fadeout: 500

I hope you might find this as useful. Have fun with it and remember to spread the world!

By posted on - 11th Mar 2016

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