Rating star like amazon using PHP, Mysql, jQuery, Ajax

Everyone like star rating in the application and websites for rate the product to enhance user experience. In this tutorial we will learn how to develop a amazon like star rating script using php mysql jquery. With our simple script you can easily implement the dynamic 5 star rating system into your project. We are going to create a amazon like jQuery rating system with PHP and MySQL. We had created rating.js file for handling all the jQuery works. Ajax is used for submitting the rating points to the PHP file (rating.php). rating.php file helps to insert or update the rating data into the MySQL database.

Rating star hackandphp programming blog

We have used following files for dynamic 5 star rating script:

  • rating.js
  • rating.css
  • dbConfig.php
  • index.php
  • rating.php
  • Rating star hackandphp programming blog

    The script is not free because it has little logic to show the star rating in a accurate manner like amazon. It developed in an fully ajax response based. This script helps and teaches you how to build a star rating script which is similar to that of amazon.

    If anyone need this script, Kindly email me to hackandphp@gmail.com. I will share you the details of getting the script. I hope everyone like this amazon like amazing star rating script.

    By posted on - 2nd Dec 2016

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